My ideal Final Fantasy IX Cast (some are suggested). Enjoy.


Erik Vin Detten as Zidane Tribal

- He's the first person who came into my mind the first time I saw a CGI picture of Zidane. I think Erik would be good for the role.


Jeremy Sumpter as Zidane Tribal

- This dude from Peter Pan could be a great choice for Zidane.


Rachael Leigh Cook as Garnet Til Alexandros

- Probably one of the best choices...


Katie Leung as Garnet Til Alexandros

- Someone actually suggested her for Rinoa's role but I think she's looks too young for that. So...I guess casting her as Dagger isn't so bad.



Joanna "Jojo" Levesque as Garnet Til Alexandros

- Well? Jojo looks like Dagger doesn't she? :)


Camilla Belle as Garnet Til Alexandros

- Pretty.


David Dorfman as Vivi Ornitier

- David is the weird kid in The Ring. Err...he'll be okay...


Rosie O' Donnel as Quina Quen

- For some reason, they kinda look


Dakota Fanning as Eiko Carol

- Perfect. Dakota can be anyone.


Cate Blanchett as Freya Crescent

- Wow. I admire Cate's acting abilities and I think she'll be a great Freya. A touch of make up will do it. :)


Mike Myers as Steiner (suggested by Giancarlos Calderon)



Patrick Warburton as Steiner

- Great choice. Thanks for suggesting this, Imp.


Heather Graham as Beatrix

- I think Heather's gonna do a great job portraying Beatrix in the FF9 movie.


Kate Winslet as Beatrix

- Another good choice although I think Kate is a bit chubby to be Beatrix.


Jennifer Garner as Beatrix

- Of course! Ms. Alias herself.


Hugh Jackman as Amarant Coral (suggested by Crim)

- Take a look at both pictures closely and you'll know what I mean.


Pam Ferris as Queen Brahne

- Pam Ferris played Aunt Marge in the third Harry Potter film. I think she'll be a great Queen.


Jim Broadbent as Baku

- Just add the ears...


Robert Carmine as Blank

- Rooney's vocalist who was also in the first Princess Diaries Movie. I think he'll be fine. :)


Mena Suvari as Ruby

- Wonderful.


Marley Shelton as Ruby

- My second choice. I think Mena's better though.


Mika Boorem as Ruby

- She'll be alright.


Liam Nesson as Regent Cid

- My choice for Regent Cid.


Frances Fisher as Hilda Garde

- I would love to see her as Hilda.


Mel Brooks as Dr. Tot

- My choice for Dr. Tot. I think Mr. Mel Brooks would do a great job with it.


Marguerite Moreau as Lani

- Amarant's sidekick. Marguerite is the best choice.


John Leguizamo as Thorn

- Need I say more?


Colin Firth as Sir Fratley

- Finally! I found someone to portray Sir Fratley...and he's no other than Mr. Colin Firth.


Thomas Sangster as Puck

- Ain't he cute? >_<


Stuart Townsend as Kuja

- Rowrr. lol.


Christopher Lee as Garland

- the pic says it all...


That's all for now. If you have suggestions email me t0 this address:

I'm currently looking for actors/actresses to play the following roles:

> Erin

> Zorn

> Mikoto

> Queen Stella

> Marcus

> Cinna

> Morrid

> Benero and Zenero


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