My ideal Final Fantasy VI Cast (some are suggested). Enjoy.


Anna Paquin as Terra Branford

- She would definitely portray Terra's role perfectly, I know it..


Hilarie Burton as Terra Branford

- You can see Hilarie in the TV series "One Tree Hill". My second choice for Terra's role.


Leelee Sobieski as Celes Chere

- My first choice for Celes. You may remember seeing Leelee in the movie "Here On Earth". She would definitely pull it off as Celes.


Keira Knightley as Celes Chere

- I first saw Keira in the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" and thought that she's gorgeous. She fits the role of Celes just fine.


Mischa Barton as Celes Chere

- Mischa. That gal from The O.C. Another qualified actress to play Celes' role.


Heath Ledger as Edgar Figaro

- The first time I saw Edgar, the first person that popped into my mind was Heath Ledger. End of story. :)


Shawn Ashmore as Locke Cole

- Shawn Ashmore played Iceman in the X-Men movies. I think he would do a great job portraying Locke Cole.


Cillian Murphy as Setzer Gabbiani

- Cillian is an Irish actor and I think he'll be a great Setzer. Just imagine him with silver hair. Thank you, Jess for this wonderful suggestion.


Crispin Glover as Shadow

- Another great suggestion by Jess Fay, Crispin is that weird dude in the Charlie's Angels movies.


Marilyn Manson as Kefka (suggested by Alan Bates)

- Err...there is a resemblance but I don't know if Marilyn could act really well to give justice to Kefka's role.


Ralph Fiennes as Kefka

- Not a bad choice. A touch of make up will do. Ralph is a wonderful actor.


Veronica Afflerbach as Relm Arrowny

- You may be wondering who Veronica is. Well if you have seen the School of Rock, you'll find her there. She's one of the groupies...her name in the movie was Eleni. Anyway, this cute girl would do a good job portarying Relm.


John Rhys-Davies as Banon

- Pefect for Banon. Nuff said.


That's all for now. If you have suggestions email me at this address:

I'm currently looking for actos to play the following roles:

> Cyan Garamonde

> Sabin Figaro

> Strago Magus

> Gau


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