My ideal Final Fantasy VII Cast (some are suggested). Enjoy.


Hayden Christensen as Cloud Strife

- The Star Wars hottie. I have received several emails in the past suggesting this...I think Hayden would be qualified for the role but still, I'm quite uncertain about this.


Robert Pattinson as Cloud Strife

- I think he'll be okay for the role. Just dye his hair. (I am honestly struggling to find the BEST for Cloud's role)


Scott Terra as Young Cloud

- That dude who played the young Matt in the movie Daredevil. He has potential.

Jeremy Sumpter as Young Cloud

- The guy who played Peter Pan. Another qualified actor for the role.


Natalie Portman as Aeris Gainsborough

- My first certain choice for Aeris' role. Natalie has grown so much as an actress that i believe she will do a great job portraying Aeris.


Anna Paquin as Aeris Gainsborough

- When I first saw "Almost Famous" and saw Anna in it, she definitely reminded me of Aeris. That's how I ended up casting her.


Mishca Barton as Aeris Gainsborough

- Mischa looks really sweet and pretty which is similar with how Aeris' character is like.


Jennifer Love Hewitt as Tifa Lockhart

- My first choice for Tifa's role. Jennifer was the first actress that came into my mind when asked which actress should play Tifa's role. Jennifer is hot and I believe she can kick butt too.


Jessica Alba as Tifa Lockhart

- My second choice. Her butt kicking skills in Dark Angel would be good enough for her to portray Tifa Lockheart.


Denise Richards as Tifa Lockhart (suggested by Alan Bates)

- Another good choice for Tifa's role.


Chelsea Brummet as Young Tifa Lockhart

- She's that girl from the new All That. She would do great as the 16 year old Tifa.


Mr. T as Barret Wallace

- The picture says it all.


Wesley Snipes as Barret Wallace

- I think Wesley would be great to play Barret but he's too slim though.


Ving Rhames as Barret Wallace

- Wow. Probably my favorite among the three choices.


Harrison Ford as Cid Highwind

- I can really see Harrison as Cid.


Gary Busey as Cid Highwind

- This was suggested by someone. I just can't remember who it was. Anyway, another qualified actor for Cid's role.


Keanu Reeves as Vincent Valentine

-Wow. Keanu is definitely Vincent-ish.


Johnny Depp as Vincent Valentine

- Johnny howver, is more Vincent-ish.


Joseph Fiennes as Vincent Valentine

- I can totally see him as Vincent as well...


Charlene Choi as Yuffie Kisaragi

- Charlene is a Hongkong actress/popstar. I think she can speak English which is good 'cause I think she's perfect for Yuffie's role.


Frank Langella as Red XIII (voice)

- Have you seen Small Soldiers? If you have, the character "Archer" was dubbed by Frank Langella. That is exactly the voice I want to hear when Red XIII speaks.


Billy Crystal as Cait Sith (voice)

- Billy has dubbed a couple of cartoon characters and I think he would do great in dubbing Cait Sith.


Simon Rex as Zack (suggested by Alan)

- Alan told me that he used to be an MTV VJ. Anyway, great choice.


Matt Long as Zack

- Do you guys know the show "Jack and Bobby"? Well...Matt plays Jack in that show. I think he's a good choice for Zack as well.


Orlando Bloom as Sephiroth (suggested by several people)

- Orli as Sephiroth...not bad. But isn't Orli too sweet to be Sephiroth? Just a thought.


Edison Chen as Tseng

- He's chinese and he can speak English. I assume Tseng is Asian that's why I decided to choose an Asian actor to portray him.


Jay Chou as Tseng

- Another qualified actor to play Tseng in the FF7 movies.


Vin Diesel as Rude

- Vin is the PERFECT actor for this role.


Seth Green as Reno

- Seth would be a great Reno but I think he's too short.


Jared Leto as Reno

- I have seen him do cool roles and I think he'll be able to pull this one off.


Sarah Michelle Gellar as Elena

- The first FF7 character that I was able to cast. Sarah is perfect for this role.


Anthony Hopkins as President Shinra

- Sir Anthony is a great actor. I would love to see him play the evil Shinra.


Jack Nicholson as President Shinra

- Another great choice for the President's role.


Jude Law as Rufus Shinra

- I love Jude and I think he would do a great job as Rufus in the movies. Imagine him wearing that white coat...*swoons*


Matt Damon as Rufus Shinra

- My second choice. Not bad, eh?


Christian Coulson as Rufus Shinra

- Christian is a British actor who appeared as the evil Tom Riddle in the 2nd Harry Potter movie. Another great choice for Rufus. *swoons* Again, we'll be needing a lot of hair dye in this production.


Danny De Vito as Heidegger

- I would love to see him as Heidegger in the ff7 movie. I think he would do well with the "GYAHAHA" laugh.


Robbie Coltrane as Heidegger

- Another perfect choice. Not sure if he could pull of the "GYAHAHA" laugh though. lol.


Nicole Kidman as Scarlet

- Nicole would definitely pull it off! She's perfect.


Natasha Richardson as Scarlet

- In case you don't know her, she appeared in the movie "Maid in Manhattan" as Caroline Lane, the rich woman who's head over heels in love with Ralph Fiennes. Anyway, I think she'll be a great Scarlet. Kyahahaha!


Robert Hardy as Palmer

- Robert has appeared in the Harry Potter movies as Cornelius Fudge, just so you know. I think he would do good as Palmer.


Christopher Walken as Hojo

- What do you think? They seem to share the same skin


Jeff Goldblum as Reeve (suggested by Knight Cloud)

- Nice choice.


Jack Nicholson as Don Corneo

- Perfect for the Don's role.


Michael Gambon as Bugenhagen

- Um...well...I think Michael Gambon is a pretty good choice.


Keira Knightley as Jessie

- The picure describes it all I guess.


AJ Cook as Jessie

- AJ used to be in a show called "Higher Ground" At present, you can watch her in the TV series "Tru Calling". I think she's quite good at portraying a toughie that is why i decided to make her my second choice for Jessie's role.


Adam Brody as Biggs

- I would love to see this O.C. cutie in a Final fantasy movie...and playing Biggs is not so bad.


Kieran Culkin as Biggs

- My second choice.


Sean Astin as Wedge

- Sean would be a great Wedge!


Tessa Allen as Marlene Wallace

- Awww...look at her. She's adorable! My choice for Marlene.


Susan Sarandon as Elmyra Gainsborough

- My first choice. She will surely do a great job with this.


Meryl Streep as Elmyra Gainsborough

- My second choice. What do you think?


Helen Hunt as Shera

- No one can do it better than Helen.


Kate Beckinsale as Lucrecia Crescent

- My choice for Lucrecia. Isn't she wonderful?


Ralph Moeller as Dio (suggested by Alan)

- Perfect.


Joaquin Phoenix as Dyne

- Joaquin would definitely be a great Dyne.



Rachel Weisz as Ifalna

- Imagine her with longer hair and Cetra-ish clothes. Beautiful.


William H. Macy as Professor Gast

- Need I say more?


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