My ideal Final Fantasy VIII Cast (some are suggested). Enjoy.


Josh Hartnett as Squall Leonheart

- Josh would be an awesome Squall.


Jared Padalecki as Squall Leonheart

- Another actor fit for Squall's role.


Drew Fuller as Squall Leonheart

- Wow. It's gonna be a battle between him and Jared. He's gonna be a great Squall. Thanks for your suggestion Blake!


Kristin Kreuk as Rinoa Heartilly

- My first choice for Rinoa. Kristin is just simply stunning.


Alexis Bledel as Rinoa Heartilly

- My second choice. Another gorgeous girl fit for the role.


Song Hye Kyo as Rinoa Heartilly

- She's Korean and she's really pretty. Not sure if she can speak english though.



Camilla Belle as Rinoa Heartilly

- Great resemblance. A suggestion from Iggy and Abbie. :)


James Marsters as Seifer Almasy

- Woot! The best choice.


James Franco as Seifer Almasy

- Pretty good choice as well.


Catherine Zeta-Jones as Edea Kramer

- Catherine would pull it off, I know it.


Elizabeth Hurley as Edea Kramer

- Another great choice for Edea.



Bridget Fonda as Edea Kramer

- A great suggestion made by Iggy. :)


Robin Williams as Headmaster Cid

- The pictures describe it all.


Kevin Klein as Headmaster Cid

- Possible...but I still think Robin is better.


Ashley Parker Angel as Zell Dincht

- Okay for those of you who don't know Ashley he's this guy from the boyband O-Town. He looks like Zell but I don't know if he can act well to pull the role off.



Johnny Lewis as Zell Dincht

- Johnny appeared in the third season of The OC as Chili, a surfer. The first time I saw him...poof!...Zell popped into my mind.


Alicia Witt as Quistis Trepe

- Alicia would be a great Quistis. Just dye her hair.


Ian Somerhalder as Irvine Kinneas

- Good choice. Thanks for your suggestion, . Micahel Wright. :)


Samaire Armstrong as Selphie Tilmitt

- Samaire appeared in The O.C.'s first season as Anna. I think she's spunky enough to be Selphie.



Vanessa Lengies as Selphie Tilmitt

- Vanessa starred in the TV Series "American Dreams". I think she's a good choice for Selphie as well


Rachael Leigh Cook as Ellone

- Lovely. The best choice for Ellone.


Keanu Reeves as Laguna Loire

- My first choice. He's good enough.


Tom Cruise as Laguna Loire

- My second choice. Although I'm not sure if he'll still look good with the long hair. Plus, imagine him with Katie Holmes during the FF8 movie premiere...(that is completely OT).


Mario Van Peebles as Kiros Seagull

- Good enough.


Michael Clark Duncan as Ward Zabac

- I think he would do well. Also, Michael doesn't have to memorize so many lines since Ward turns mute at the latter part of the story.


Jennifer Connelly as Raine Loire

- Wow. My favorite.


Monica Bellucci as Raine Loire

- Just beautiful.


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Raijin

- Okay...he'll do good but who thinks Batista will look better as Raijin? Email me! Now! lol.


Claire Danes as Fujin

- Claire is perfect.


George Clooney as General Caraway

- My choice for the general. He's so fine isn't he?


Vanessa Marcil as Julia Heartilly

- PERFECT!!! i couldn't think of anything else to describe her.


Claire Forlani as Julia Heartilly

- Also perfect although I think she may be a bit too young...


Michelle Yeoh as Julia Heartilly



Marla Sokoloff as Xu

- I like her so I think she'll do a great job as Xu.


Adam Busch as Zone

- Man! He looks extremely like Zone.


Shiri Appleby as Library Girl w/ a Pigtail

- Perfect. Needs good on-screen chemistry with Ashley.


Anjelica Huston as Sorceress Adel

- Why didn't I think about this before? She's PERFECT.


Miranda Richardson as Sorceress Ultimecia

- She'll do a great job playing an evil sorceress.


That's all for now. If you have suggestions email me t0 this address:

I'm currently looking for actors/actresses to play the following roles:

> Vinzer Deling

> Sorceress Adel

> Mayor Dobe

> Flo

> Dr. Odine

> Piet


> Watts


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