My ideal Final Fantasy X Cast (some are suggested). Enjoy.


Chad Michael Murray as Tidus

- I am quite uncertain about this...I mean, Chad's hot and all but as Tidus? .I don't know....


Kristin Kreuk as Yuna

- One of the best choices for Yuna. Period.


Amy Jo Johnson as Yuna

- Amy is actually my first choice but you know how things change...


Emmy Rossum as Yuna

- I first saw Emmy in the Phantom of the Opera and I think her gentle, feminine self somehow resembles Yuna.


Arnold Vosloo as Cid

- Hope he could be as rowdy as Cid. lol.


Larisa Oleynik as Rikku

- The first character I was able to cast in FFX.



Emily Van Camp as Rikku

- Emily stars in the TV drama "Everwood". She's my second choice for Rikku.


Liv Tyler as Lulu

- I think Liv is perfect.


Martine McCutcheon as Lulu

- She seems perfect for the role as well...


Viggo Mortensen as Auron

- Absolutely GREAT.


Robert Barone as Kimahri

- Oh...ah...yeah. He'll pull it off. Kimahri doesn't say much anyway.


Scott Caan as Wakka

- Er...hope he could do the Wakka accent.


Jude Law as Seymour

- My favorite.


Chester Bennington as Brother

- LOL. Well...don't they look the same?


Tia Carrere as Captain Lucil

- Just dye her hair.


Ashley Scott as Elma

- She's part of the TV Series called Birds of Prey. I think she's a good choice for Elma.


Gabrielle Union as Dona

- She'll be a great choice for Dona the biatch. lol. kidding...


Jim Caviezel as Braska

- I think he would be better off as Braska. His gentleness suits the role.


Johnny Depp as Jecht

- On the other hand, Johnny would probably be the perfect choice for Jecht. Seeing Jecht in FF10 actually reminded me of Captain Jack Sparrow.


Alec Baldwin as Maroda

- Err...not so sure about this one...


Neil Buchanan as Oaka XXIII

- You're probably wondering who the heck this guy is. He's the host of the Australian show Art Attack shown in Disney Channel. I think he'll be okay. Lol.


Bethany Joy Lenz as Shelinda

- She plays Haley in the TV Series One Tree Hill. She'll be a great Shelinda.



Derek Jennings as Tormell Guado

- Great suggestion, Jesus! :)



Ford Davies as Wes Kinoc

- Suggested by Jesus from Spain. Thanks a lot!!!



Bernard Hill as Maechen

- Jesus originally suggested Mr. Hill for Tromell Guado but I think he'd be better off as Maechen. What do you think? :)


Charlize Theron as Yunalesca

- Wow. Just dye her hair white and put all the make-up. She's perfect for it.


That's all for now. If you have suggestions email me t0 this address:

I'm currently looking for actors/actresses to play the following roles:

> Barthello

> Belgemine

> Biran Ronso

> Calli

> Chappu

> Clasko


> Isaaru

> Jyscal Guado

> Luzzu

> Mi'ihen

> Grand Master Mika

> High Summoner Ohalland

> Tromell Guado

> Father Zuke



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